Taxidermy Courses in Arkansas

At the Busen School of Taxidermy in Arkansas, our Taxidermy courses will include a hands-on experience and education focused on individual education and technique setting the student apart in the real world. We not only teach you the skills needed to become a Taxidermist, but we also make sure the creative technique is applied, so the student can become an even greater Taxidermist.

What Do Our Taxidermy Courses Include?

You will work with a minimum of $2,000 worth of specimens including one fish; one shoulder mount deer; one bird and one life sized mount that you will bring home with you for reference after your education is complete. You will learn to measure capes and various tanning techniques; tips and tricks to make your work more lifelike and detailed than the average taxidermist. Classroom tools are provided for you to conduct mounting and techniques.

You will receive a framed certificate of completion at the end of the course. It’s encouraged to bring a camera with you to the courses to make sure you can gather references for your future endeavors in the Taxidermy field.

Why Choose Busen School of Taxidermy in Arkansas

From the hands-on experience in the Taxidermy school that you will receive, you will return home with the right tools to succeed, open up your own Taxidermy business, and create beautiful lifelike mounts. Rudy Busen works one on one with you to make sure the techniques and creative skills are developed. Our mission is to individualize the taxidermist, not just educate you with the minimum requirements.


  • A six week course is $6,000 and includes habitat creation.
  • Bring a friend and get a 10% discount off of each of your tuition’s, deducted from your final payment.
  • A $1,000 non-refundable down payment is due 3 weeks before class begins.

If you’re looking to dive into the Taxidermy field with hands-on Taxidermy courses, please reach out to us here in Arkansas. Contact Busen School of Taxidermy at 479-925-1900 or for more information about courses and classes!

Learn to capture the characteristics of different animals as they all have their own unique features.