Busen School of Taxidermy FAQ's

Q: How many people are in a class?

A: For complete personal attention, class size is two students maximum.

Q: Is area lodging available?

A: Yes, extended stay hotels and RV parks are plentiful.

Q: What animals will I learn to mount?

A: -One life size mammal, usually a bobcat or raccoon.

    -One deer shoulder mount

    -One game bird

    -One Fish (replica, skinning and mounting a fish will be covered)

Q: Can I bring my own game head?

A: Yes, with advanced notice.

Q: Are tools furnished?

A: All tools are furnished for class only.

Q: Will I learn to tan hides?

A: Wet and technique is used for taxidermy application. It is not the same as tanning for rugs, which requires considerable equipment.